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Reckless endangerment vehicle

Media, PA |

I was involved in a car accident and seems like one of my charges are reckless endangerment. I never had any prior record and nobody got hurt in the accident

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The charge is based upon your driving not whether or not anyone was hurt or your prior record. You should consult with an attorney specializing in motor vehicle violations


You do not have a question here. You need to sit down with an attorney as this will affect your driving record.

Michael L. Doyle
(215) 900-5565


If you were charged with "reckless endangerment", this is more than a mere traffic violation. This is a criminal charge and if it happened in Delaware County, you are going to have to go to a preliminary hearing in front of a local district justice and then, if the charges are held over you are going to have to go to Media before a judge. I suggest you talk to a local criminal attorney, and by that I mean somebody that handles a lot of cases in Media


If you were charged with Recklessly Endangering Another Person, then you should certainly consult a criminal defense attorney because the charge is likely a misdemeanor.

James D Doyle, Esq.
(610) 431-8910


It's unanimous, you need to retain qualified criminal defense counsel. Do not delay that assignment.Searching the web is not going to enable you to see the future, but it will make things worse if it delays you from actually taking charge of the situation in a way that will benefit you.


Luckily, an attorney above, Doyle, has provided you with his number to discuss. Good luck.

Only 29% Contingency Fee! Phone: 215-510-6755


This is more complex than you think. There are two immediate issues outside of this case that should give someone cause for concern. First, any criminal charges will have an effect if someone were to sue you for damages from the accident. Plus, if you are convicted of a Misdemeanor, it will negatively affect your earning potential and job prospects.

As a former prosecutor, I handled cases like this routinely. Before your District Court date, you must speak with an experienced attorney to best prepare yourself. Depending on the facts and circumstances, you may be able to convince the Prosecutor to drop the charge or convince the judge not to hold the charge for trial. Reckless Endangerment is often referred to as "REAP". It is can be tricky for prosecutor to prove.

I am happy to speak with you, at your convenience, if you would like.

I will serve as someone's attorney only after a written agreement has been reviewed and signed. Please feel free to contact me at (610) 393-3868 if you would like more information or to inquire about my services.

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