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Recently found out about class action suit on plumbing pipes in my home. Is it too late too file claim?

Lenoir City, TN |
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Bought this home 10 (approx) yrs ago. Mobile home. We have had constant leaks & high bills as such. Also had flooring/ carpet damage. Found out recently there was a suit againt the manufacturer of this pipe. But it expired before we found out about it. We were never contacted and it was just dumb luck we saw it in the paper. We continue to have monthly problems with this. We have replaced so much of the pipes since living here not to mention flooring. We can't afford to have someone do it so my husband (who used to build mobiles) does the work but he is not physically able any more. Do we call our insurance company or do we have any other options? It's causing the house to fall apart and settle at an odd angle.

As a result of the leaks our insulation is destroyed and paper holding the insulation in place as well. We have had mice entering since this has escalated and we have mold growing where wet flooring has not been replaced. The damages we've incurred are too numerous to mention besides the higher utility bills for water & heat.

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    If the deadline passed to file claims on the class action, you are probably out of luck on that front. You should contact the claims administrator or law firm listed on the class notice. Most home owners policies include coverage for water damage so long as it's plumbing related and not ground water or flooding. I would definitely contact your insurance agent to get the full scope of your coverage and/or to submit a claim.

  2. My colleague and friend Jeff is correct. If the deadline to file a proof of claim has passed, in most cases you not only lose the right to make a claim in the settlement, but also you cannot sue individually or continue a previously filed lawsuit making the same claims as the class action. However, notices for class action settlements can sometimes be confusing, so you really should contact the claims administrator and the law firm representing the class to find out if, in fact, the time to make a claim (or opt-out) has passed. In rare cases, the time to file claims is extended by the court due to problems with the notice of the settlement, so there's a chance that there may still be time.

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