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Recently due to poor technique, my 3.5 year old son was given an ingrown nail by my child's father.

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At time of appointment, his father was present & took our son for his visitation & 24 hours later returned to me & he said, "we were able to drain it," while the foot & toe had bandaids all over & was wearing closed toed shoes. After initial appointment, he said he would take care of it & I mentioned we both need to follow the doctor's advice. It was quite apparent someone had "worked" on his foot. There was a mark (bruise) where an injection was made on the top of the foot & the big toe was severely more injured due to being cut around at & having the skin pulled back from the tip of toe & at cuticle. I assumed he had been taken to another doctor against what the court order states to be the pediatrician our son initially saw, but never got a response from my ex.

Recently I was contacted by people from ex's social circle who were quite upset w/ how my son was being treated&made contact by email(who gained my e-mail as my ex's girlfriend regularly forwarded my correspondence w/ me&the father for them to gossip) to let me know that my ex's g/f bragged about performing this medical procedure on my son's foot&that she thought it was a "compliment" for me to think a doctor had performed it. Both my ex&his girlfriend work for medical supply companies&presume they gained access to the syringe, lidocaine&other items unethically. My ex purports himself to be "in the medical field"&has stated his g/f is a "nurse". Checks to state licensing show no such person licensed as a nurse&the women that contacted me stated she has never been a nurse. Have court date next week, don't have an attorney&his 3rd attorney recently quit him, as did others. He's continually trying to drag things out in court w/ unfounded&offensive claims about me. Please comment on how to address this.

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  2. I am not sure whether this is a family law court or dependency court; if this is a family court hearing, then you can request FC 271 sanctions against him for dragging this.

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  3. If you believe you can document someone unqualified to do so using syringes and painkiller on your child during a visitation, then you should sit down with counsel to explore future visitation being supervised only. You should also explore reporting the conduct to child services. Parents can do simple first aid, but it this is beyond that, a failure to address may come back and bite you some day.

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