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Receiving tons of mail from Attorneys stating that records show I was recently charged. Does this mean the DA filed charges?

Pasadena, CA |

I was informed that if the DA filed charges, then I would receive a notice. I have not received such notice. But receving numerous letters from Law Offices that I was charged. I was arrested for a misdemeanor VC 31.

I went through the OnLine Service "Criminal Defense Index" on the L.A. Superior Court website to search for my record - none were found. Is this site reliable?

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  1. Most likely these attorneys are going off of a list of recent arrests. There is an easy way to know if you have been charged: call the District Attorney's Office and ask.

  2. You should disregard all that mail. It's like computer spam. We call it jail mail. If you are charged you should interview several respected attorneys and choose one that is most compatible with you.

  3. I fully agree, Although the State Bar has not yet banned jail mail, they should. I t is nothing more than direct solicitation which the State Bar bans. If a personal injury can"t go into a hospital room and solicit a client or send his private investigator to do that, why should any attorney be allowed send out "jail mail" to people who have been arrested? Lawyers, especially criminal defense attorneys, have a bad enough reputation as it is.

  4. You are getting "jail mail" which is junk advertising my attorneys who get lists of people who are arrested. That's where these generally come from, not from any knowledge there was a filing, which is usually a court notice, although they can simply issue a warrant for your arrest. Ignore the attorney letters.

  5. It' very interesting to me that so many criminal defense attorneys on here are telling you to ignore the letters that you are receiving, especially since that was not the question you asked. Often times when peolpe are arrested it is for the first time and they do not personally know or have friends or family who know a good attorney. These letters are sent to you as a mere option for you to consider if you wish to retain an attorney to assist you and do not already know one. They are perfectly legal and the most common way for criminal defense attorneys to get new clients, which I'm sure most attorneys who responded to this are aware of. It is, unlike one attorneys post, strikingly different than a personal injury attorney visiting a potential client in a hospital room. It is your decision on whether or not to consider, contact or retain any of these attorneys. The letters were sent as a result of your name appearing on a list of recent arrestees. It does not necessarily mean that charges have been or will be filed against you because that decision is made by the prosecuting attorneys office, not the law enforcement officer that arrested and/or cited you. At a minimum you may want to call the DA office, as previouslt noted, to see if anything was filed because if they do not have current address indormation for you, then any notice mailed to you may not actually get to you. Hope this helps!

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