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Receiving a ticket for making a right turn on red if there is a " no turn on red on school days or when children present"

Worth, IL |

I recently received a ticket in the mail for 100 dollars from an automated street camera for making a right turn on red. However the sign said "no turn on red", with another sign directly below it that stated; "on school days or when children present." This however was at 4pm and was on July 1. Not during any school year, and there were no pedestrians or children present whatsoever. Do I fight the ticket or give up and pay it?

Thanks for your help!

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Get a ticket lawyer and make a deal. You don't need a traffic conviction on your record to increase your insurance rates. It is a wobbler whether you are libel for the violation. it is important financially to avoid an insurance increase that will come if you plead guilty worse or do nothing.

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