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Received insulting reply by mail from new neighbor.

Fredericksburg, TX |

Informed new neighbor of subdivision covenants and his trespassing of property line with a variety of materials. His reply in red printed letters was: As a general Ruhl (sic) of thumb, Only A Chicken sh.. A..hole would inset his fence one foot and then raise he.. With a neighbor for crossing the line. So, F...You!

What can I do? Is it OK to use that kind of language without any repercussions ? Obviously he has no intention of moving his assorted junk away from my property.

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Is he free to curse at you? Yes, the 1st amendment protects free speech. He is not allowed to threaten, harm or intimidate you, which based on his letter, he has not done. It sounds like you have a bad neighbor, but no laws were broken.

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Thanks for replying. I shouldn't have been surprised when one of our Senators publicly used the F-word without being admonished. On the contrary, it seems to have furthered his career....I remember a more civilized society.. Unfortunately, in Texas even a drunk DA can keep her job.


Well, the language is a bit updated. But this sounds like the classic German-Texan property line discussions I grew up to know and love. Prince Frederick might be proud!

Anyway, what's your question?

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