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Received an advertisement in the mail claiming if you match your symbols on the flyer you win 25,000 dollars cash. I

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If you take the flyer to the car dealership where they claim this and they do not pay up can you sue them? On the flyer it says 1. remove the pull tab on your electronic code kase, 2 scratch off the tab on the safe dial, 3 if you symbols match you win 25,000. Then underneath the safe it says if you're a winner, you are guaranteed one of our great prizes shown below. Is this false advertising because they tell you, you will win 25,000 cash if you match the symbols and you do and they don't pay up?

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  1. It might be. Depends on the exact language and nature of the offer which really can't be captured in the post you sent which has a couple ambiguities in it. If this happened to you, take the advertisement (which is different from a solicitation, different from an offer) to a local attorney and let him/her read it.

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  2. You are likely misreading the flyer. The match is almost certainly something done at the dealership, not before, as the purpose of these is almost invariably to get you to go to the dealership so they can try to sell you a car. My guess is everyone's symbols match and one of the "great prizes shown below" is usually pretty much worthless. Read the fine print and you will likely see you have not yet won. You can sue a pancake for syrup if you want, but you will not likely win, and likely not here either. But, if you really think you have won then take it to an attorney, pay for the consultation, and see if the attorney agrees.

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  3. You would have to follow the steps exactly, this is, "scratch" at the dealership. Then, you will receive ONE OF THE GREAT PRIZES SHOWN BELOW." Perhaps, a free test drive? Perhaps $200 off on a new car? You can be sure that the dealer has tried to protect itself. Or, as my colleague suggests, you can consult with counsel over the exact detals of the flyer.

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