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Received a letter saying there was an arrest warrant issued, the case matches that of my DUI case, what should I do?

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Basically a year and a half ago, I was arrested for being drunk in public and for having the keys in the cab while I was drunk. I was not pulled over, merely sleeping in my car. I went to the court, where the judge charged me with public drunkeness, a charge which I pleaded guilty to. I was sentenced to a 3 month alcohol program and some probation. I completed the program almost a year ago. I've recently received a letter saying that an arrest warrant has been issued, with the case number matching that of my DUI case.

I think the court doesn't know that I've completed the Alcohol abuse class. If I just walk into the court with proof of my completion, will I be in the clear? Or am I going to get arrested and thrown in jail, even though I completed everything on time?

@Mr. Robert David Butler Since I have proof that I completed all of the court's mandates in a timely fashion, would it be acceptable if I waited a month or two before retaining professional legal services? I'm currently unemployed, and at present have no financial means with which to hire an attorney. In other words, would the judge frown upon, or would my case be weakened by the amount of time it took for me to respond to the warrant notice?

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being in warrant status is very dangerous and inconvenient. Going to court with proof you have completed everything may seem like the easy way but you may end up in jail for reasons you are not aware of presently. I would suggest contacting an attorney in your area and discussing the situation and perhaps the attorney can locate the origin of the warrant. It may be an error in the system and easily fixed. It may be more problems you can't handle on your own. Frequently an attorney can arrange for a presentation and warrant quashing, clearing everything up at once.


It could be a mistake. A lawyer could make the appearance for you, if you can afford one. If not, bring all your paperwork to court. Talk to a Public Defender.

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