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Received a letter from Pushpin Holdings demanding 5800.00 for a lease agreement on a cc machine that was returned in 2001.

Toledo, OH |

Our lease aggreement time of 5 yrs was forged by Texas Merchant Services, where the machine came from. We were awarded 6200.00 in a class action suit filed against TMS/CMS. The cc machine was returned to TMS, not Lease Finance Group who TMS used for their machines. We settled this with Lease Finance Group years ago. The person I spoke with at Pushpin said we were still responsible. They "aquired" (I know bought...which they denied) this information/account. I told them we do not have the machine & it was sent back. I also told them about the forged lease. The woman I spoke to told me I talked too much & we owed them the money & they were filing suit because they had ten years to do so & they would garnish our business account for the funds. We are in Ohio, they are in NY.

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I would urge you to check out the statute of limitations in your state for written contracts. Ten years seems like a long time for a creditor to have the right to bring suit against you. If they sue you, you have the right to present any defenses you have & to make the creditor prove that you owe the money.

Do not send even a token payment or acknowledge the debt until you meet with a local attorney for complete advice. Hope this perspective helps!

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I have a similar complaint and I sold my business in 2003. I feel this company wants to see if they can scare people into paying a debt.


I would say that you certainly don't owe the money. I know of no state with a 10 year SOL on a civil suit. I would certainly not agree to pay them anything, and I would deny owing them a dime. Dispute the debt and demand a full accounting, then see if they follow-through on their improper threats.

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