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Received a citation for "Registration Improperly Displayed" while having my current reg. with me. Can this get dismissed?

Euless, TX |

I had previously asked a police officer in another city about having an expired registration on my windshield, since it is cracked and I am waiting for the money to replace it before applying my new sticker, and he said that the my vehicle being registered is noted in their computer, so it isn't a big deal. The police officer that cited me said that I got the citation for "Registration Improperly Displayed" but the citation doesn't specify how it is improperly displayed (which is required in some states I believe). I have proof that the vehicle was registered at the time, and even showed the officer the current registration.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Depending on your record, most jurisdictions will give you the opportunity to dismiss a ticket like this, especially if you already have proof of registration. You should address this with the judge at your court hearing or hire a local attorney to handle it for you.

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  2. If you have a date to appear, do so with the current registration in hand to show the court. The ticket should be dismissed. That said, part of complying with the law is to have the proper registration AND to display it. So the court might not be lenient if when you show to court you still have not replaced the windshield and applied the sticker. I suggest going and getting the windshield now and showing the court that you were just about to do it when cited. That should guarantee a dismissal of the ticket.

    Good luck