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Real Estate. Bought a house. Need sample thank you letter to the seller.

Chicago, IL |

Hi, I bought a house a week ago. The seller was nice, left the house in good condition, all docs, pictures, some useful tools and furniture.
I'd like to email thank you letter. Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Good grief! This is not a legal question. You do not need legal advice or a sample etter. Just say what is in your heart.


Dear seller, thanks for cleaning up the place and leaving helpful documents, pictures, tools and furniture. I appreciate your consideration. best wishes, buyer


You wrote to us, so you are capable of writing to the sellers. We are lawyers, not ghostwriters.


This does not require legal advice. Just write a letter expressing your gratitude.


The seller has your thank you assuming it was not a short sale....they have your money, and hopefully at closing there were the traditional "congratulations". There may be issues with the house yet, and if you send a thank you, that could be deemed to undercut any future claim you may have. If you want to do something, drop off a box of donuts to their new place, but don't put anything in writing quite yet..... You can always do so in a year saying something like, you know we haven't forgotten you, etc. Point: I bought a house, had a full inspection.... the sellers left all sorts of things we thought were nice, and a month later it flooded...and they should have known - FRAUD!!!!!!! I later sold the house and thought I had left it in much better shape, and even brought over some donuts myself to the buyers. A few months later the buyers were threatening a lawsuit claiming I failed to disclose something that was OBVIOUS, and they also had an inspection!!!!

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