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Just prior to my sister Cheri Dale's wrongful conviction in 1995, her (excellently rated) attorney quoted Adolf Hitler for part of his short closing argument defending her. I think it was a bad move. I wonder how many lawyers here would agree with me? Thanks.

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  1. David Michael Lehr


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    Answered . You are right. Never want one of the most evil men in history quoted anywhere near a criminal defendant!

  2. John M. Kaman


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    Answered . No one who is not close to the case can judge. What were the charges, the evidence and the entire closing? I would not quote Hitler on anything personally but your sister's lawyer may have had some plan of attack in mind. Why are you asking now 15 years later?

  3. Jeffrey B. Lampert


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    Answered . While on the surface I agree, I can not help but think there may be more to it. Your lawyer may have been trying to make a point that by linking a comment made by a toxic public figure that the jury would have been swayed more in your direction.

    As an example, let us say that your sister was charged with Crime X. And Adolph Hitler said that Crime X was a serious crime. Perhaps the attorney was hoping that the jury would go against Crime X since Hitler liked it?

    That is why it is called law PRACTICE. Lawyers try different things, some work, some do not, and some work the first time and not the second. The lawyer may not have used his/her best judgment, but that is not to say that it was out-and-out wrong.

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