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Quiet Title Pleadings

Seattle, WA |

I am filing a quiet title action, pro se, and need someone to review my pleadings and advise if I am clouding the issue, or if I should be filing more than one suit - is that allowed? Can anyone help?

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  1. Quiet Title is not really a self help area of the law. You may find someone to review your pleadings on this site, however do not expect them to redraft your work. Make an appointment and take all the information to an experinced attorney near you and listen carefully and take notes.
    Good Luck

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  2. As note above, quiet title and adverse posession does not lend itself to "do it yourself" legal work by non-sttorneys. Most attorneys would not want to "review" the work, as the risk is not typically worth the reward. If the land is that valuable to file a quiet title action, it is probably worth the investment to retain good counsel.

  3. Have you purchased a proper title search and guarantee from a title company? Without that, you cannot be sure who needs to be named as defendants and served with the quiet title action. In addition, I agree with the other comments that this is a highly technical area that emphatically does not lend itself to DIY.

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