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My ex-husband takes me to court often re: our daughters. We have 3 children--19 (so this doesn't apply) 17, and 15. Our son visits his dad on weekends. My ex-husband attempts to get visitation with our daughter. She refuses to see him. The judge always rules no physical custody. I represent myself. I email my ex-husband's lawyer to give her information about doctor appointments, etc. I forward emails from my ex that are harassing. We used to have a PFA but now there is a No Contact/Trespass order. She writes me horrible emails--saying I am the cause of all the family problems, I am a parent alienator, her client is a victim and I am doing great harm to our daughter. It is getting really depressing. Can lawyers email their clients ex-spouses these things? Is this ethical?

Hanover, PA -

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

Lawyers can ethically communicate directly with unrepresented persons. There is nothing per se unethical about strong statements of position and argument by counsel in support of such positions. Of course, there may be an issue raised by specific words or statements -- no one here can opine on what we haven't seen.

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