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Question related to selective service enrollment. I was 24 years when came to US as a F1 student in 1989.

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My first semester, I was enrolled for 12 credit hours and subsequent semester 11 credit hours till my 27th birth day. I was always in F1 status until graduate. Financial reason I was not able to take 12 credit hours per semester. I became permanent resident at the age of 42. I didn’t register with selective service also never knew anything at that time and never receive any enrollment information from Selective service. Now what is the consequence for not enrolled with selective service? According to selective service F1 student don’t require enrollment. Can I ask Selective service for an exempt status letter? Is this will be an issue? I am trying to get federal financial assistance for Post graduate studies which requires Selective service enrollment. Comment , Advice or suggestion?

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You cannot register for Selective Service as an F-1 Student since you were only here temporarily and still permanently residing in your native country. Selective Service is mandatory for permanent residents who are under the age of 26. Since you were 42 when you became a permanent resident, legally there was no way for you to register and you were in complete conformity with the law.

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Why do you ask?

Are you getting ready to apply for naturalization?

If so, go to their website and follow the instructions for getting a letter.

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Generally speaking, all males between the ages of 18 and 26 must register with Selective Service regardless of citizenship. However, i
under these facts you were lawfully maintaining F-1 status until your 27th birthday. You were therefore not required to register with Selective Service since you were in a lawful nonimmigrant status during the registration period.

Consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can review your case and advise you how best to proceed.

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