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I had to have my court date post poned because i was out of town during the first court date, and when i came back from the trip and tried to serve him but the defendant had changed address, so i tried to get into contact with him but he intentionally ignored my attempts, so i tried the address correction through the mail service and nothing came up, so i had hired a private detective but by the time they were finished i was already on the last day to serve him, but nobody was home when i had tried to have him served, will the court allow me to postpone the court date, what other measures can i take regarding this.

Torrance, CA -

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Adrienne Patricia Allen

Adrienne Patricia Allen

Mediation Attorney - Grass Valley, CA

You might call the court's self help center. They should have someone there to advise you on eir procedures to notify the court of all youhave attempted to do and how to achieve service. Good luck.

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Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Litigation Lawyer - Montclair, CA

Show up at the hearing and explain it to the judge. They will usually give you a continuance to get it served.

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