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Question is, What is the next step after i send my new passport to the us consulate who handle and approved my interview?

Marysville, WA |

I had been aprroved by my us consulate interview last Jan10 of the interviewing officer for my I130 visa, but the thing is they request me to send them my new passport beacuse my old passport had only 2mos validity left. But After i send my new passport to them i didn't get any response from them, i dont know what is the next step i should do? And How long should i need to wait.

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  1. Contact the US Consulate in question and ask them these questions.

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  2. Did you try asking the consulate? The next step is you get the passport in the mail usually but how long it takes varies on the consulate and the case. Call or email them and ask for a timeframe.

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  3. You should wait for sometime. If you don't receive any notification from them, you can call or write to the consulate. How did you send your passport to the Consulate? Do you have mailing receipt confirmation?

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  4. They will return the passport to you with the visa packet. Did you provide a DHL label for them? Regular mail can be risky in some countries. You should contact the consulate to find out if they've already sent it but you didn't get it. It dies also drpend on the consulate a lot.

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