Question concerning liens for unpaid monthly condo fees. A lien was placed on my unit this month, 7/18 for 4 months unpaid dues.

Asked about 1 year ago - Nashua, NH

There was an error made where 2 payments did not get credited to my account. I have a copy of the billing for June which doesn't include the payments I made. I have a copy of my cancelled check for 2 payments paid in June. I figured it would show on this months statement as the check was cashed after the billing notice by 2 days. The remaining 2 were paid 24th. At the time of the lien, I was only 2 months behind. The lien specifies that I am delinquent 4 months. I never received any notification verbally, by phone, or letter. Nothing. The condo rules require notice (demand letter) to be sent by certified mail, of their intent to lien my property, with I assume, the demand letter would give me a certain amount of time to pay. Never never got anything from them. What are my legal rights?

Additional information

They have also placed liens on other units for past due payments with no written notice, no demand letter. One condo owner I spoke with said she never received any notice with the associations intent to file a lien, no demand letter, other than monthly billing statements showing what she owed. I sent a letter to the president of the condo association requesting a resolution to this matter-removal of the lien because it was incorrect, removal from my credit report. Too soon to get a reply. I am sure they will contend that the lien is valid since it included May and June at the time of the filing, and those 2 months were not paid. I never received any letter from the Associations lawyer demanding payment either. Absolutely no communication whatsoever, concerning pay up or else. I am now current as of today.

Attorney answers (1)

  1. Kati M. Amarantes

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . You had to be at least 60 days in arrears. If you are current, then a release should be filed. It should not have gone on your credit report. I would advise you contact an attorney immediatly!

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