Question concerning Co-owned car with no liens on it.

Asked 6 months ago - Sandersville, GA

My girlfriend recently left me and took our car in which is jointly owned by the both of us.(No liens on car)(Titled in both our names in Georgia)This has left me with no transportation as well as to say very upset.What legal options do I have to gain back half of the car's monentary value.The car is valued at 12,000.00 dollars.

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I already know it is a mistake to place two names on a title if you arent't married,so I am only interested in what I can do to set the car in motion to be sold and the money from it to be split by both of us.Thank you for any advice that you can give me.

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  1. Caryn S. Fennell


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    Answered . GO to the court, file a suit. Obtain an order (injunction) preventing her from selling the vehicle and then in the petition also seek relief that she sell the property and share the proceeds. Move quickly before she sells the property and get a lawyer. You can ask the judge to require that she repay your attorney fees.

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  2. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . It may cost you thousands of dollars, but you can take her to court and attempt to persuade the court to divide the car (probably by selling it).

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