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There was a party at my house(me & 2 renters). I went to sleep at 2am. The cops came at 3am, my roommate didn't answer the door because there were minors in the room. The cops came back 16 hours later (7:45pm) and gave us each individually an noise citation. He told us "I'm only giving you this ticket because of how much you inconvenienced me." He wrote the time of the ticket as 3:12am...I was asleep... In our City for a noise violation it must be 65 decibels+...there was 9 people here at that time in a well insulated house. The officers came originally because of a noise complaint, however our neighbor told us he couldn't hear a thing and he was out grilling at 3am. (The officer wrote the loud noise was a person observation.). In court could I ask for proof/sound equipment?

Denton, TX -

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Richard Scott Alagood

Richard Scott Alagood

Real Estate Attorney - Denton, TX

I recommend that you seek the legal advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney. The type of citation you received is criminal in nature and unrelated to civil real estate issues. If you would like a referal to a criminal defense attorney, please feel free to call our office and ask for Michelle, (940) 891-0003.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that this office handles the type of claims that you indicate in... more

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