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Question about No Contact in Divorce papers

Jacksonville, FL |

In my divorce papers it states No Contact with minor child until ( the ex husband ) completes a parenting class in his country equal to what we have in the USA, and petitions the courts for visitation.

My question is: What if I were to fly to his country and happen to visit him, while at a hotel and our child is with me in his country?

1. Does the No Contact order still stand?

2. My family has a restraining order against him here ( many years back he contacted them too much and they got a perm injunction against him ) he pays on his child support.
Would he be picked up at any US entry point for them, or only if he was behind on support?

He is trying to modify the court paper for contact now. I'd like to travel to his country or he may fly here if possible? Thank You.

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We get this question a lot and the answer is always the same. No contact means no contact. People who violate a no contact order, and people who help them violate a no contact order, get into a lot of trouble which can include going to jail. There can be no contact unless and until the order is modified to permit contact. Again, no contact means no contact. It does not mean, "show me a way to get around the no contact so I can do what I want despite what the judge says."

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I appreciate the reply. I would not want to risk either which is why I asked. He is working on getting the court papers modified for the contact after he takes the required equivalent parenting class. Again, thank you for the reply. Very helpful.

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