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Question about N-400 Part 8 E3 question

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I am a permanent resident in US for 5 years on June 8, 2013, and I am about to fill-up the N-400 form. However in part 8 E3 question is quite a tricky question for me, because my husband is not a US citizen nor Permanent Resident. He is Taiwanese national and we got married in US 2 years ago. He came here in US using tourist visa when we get married, he never stayed in USA for long probably 1-2 months only every visit, he never intend to live in US illegally, that's why he just visited me every 3 months. How can i fill-up the question E3 without trouble for him to come back in USA. Is there any trouble for him when he visit me if I will put his information in my N-400 as Visitor or better for me to put ALIEN instead?

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If he's here as a visitor, then visitor. If he's abroad, then Chinese national. There will only be trouble if he has done something against immigration laws, based on what you wrote, I don't see a violation. The 1-2 month stays show he never overstayed. If he leaves and comes back intending just to visit, then there's no immigrant intent , though an officer may give him a hard time for being married to a US Citizen. If he leaves and comes back on a tourist visa intending to get married, then there's immigrant intent, which makes him inadmissible.

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You cannot, but you will have to tell the truth anyway.

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You need to answer truthfully. Eventually you may decide to file for his green card. If you have lied about his visits, there may be trouble for him.

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