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Question about medication for workers comp injury???

Griffin, GA |

i have 3 herniated disc in my neck and was being treated by a pain managment dr.he referred me to a surgeon for a 3 disc fusion that was denyed by pain management dr was refilling my meds for me up until this month but now said he cant refill unlease he see's me for another visit due to it being 3 months since he saw me.last week i was informed by the adjuster that they said they was not gonna treat my injury anymore and offered me a settlement.i did not respond to i need medication,and i just want to know if i can get it refilled again?how can they treat my injury for 6 months and now say they are not responsible for it?plus they are wasting there money on this idiot sitting accross the street from my house watching my every

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The adjuster's job is to delay and deflect until you either give up or take less money for your case. You need to speak to a qualified Worker's Compensation attorney who can force the insurance company to approve Dr.'s visits, pay medical expenses, pay for required surgeries, or get you to another Dr. if the Worker's Comp Dr. is not serving your best interests. The fact that they are trying to settle with you tells me that they think they can push you over for little to no money. Please call a Worker's Comp attorney in your area today.

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i did.thank you a lot.

Robert M. Gardner Jr.

Robert M. Gardner Jr.


Good Luck to you.


I believe you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. The adjuster and insurance company seem to want you to give up. There are strategies out there where they will try to starve you out or continue to delay until a judge makes them do something. It is important to remember that the adjuster and the "idiot sitting across the street" do not have your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, you are not alone out there and many unrepresented injured workers find themselves in similar situations.

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You need a physician to write a prescription to refill medication and like your last one said, they need to see you to determine whether that is correct treatment. Insurance adjusters can say whatever they want to say and then determine virtually on their own whether you have reached maximum medical recovery - but they run the risk of having to pay attorneys fees for being arbitrary and it sounds like that might be your case. You need to hire a lawyer yesterday to represent you in this claim. Call my good friend, Randy Ebersbach, 770-251-7100. He is a superb WC lawyer and will get you what you need quickly. Be sure and tell him I recommended him.

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