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I am in court with a judge who has bought me in on a violation of a stay away order. I was in the place first, my daughters mother comes in second (Who i have the stay away from..we have 2 on each other). I was getting my daughters mental health papers, she came in after me, and told her lawyer i was in there, now i didnt say anything to her, was in their first but am the only one getting hit for the violation. The mother has been in front of the court on numerous violations, which the judge has overlooked or flat out dismissed. He then told a Respondent in another case, that she could have her children back only if she wasnt around me because i was a "scumbag". He even admitted this to my lawyer who overheard it.

Union, NJ -

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft

Appeals Lawyer - Winter Park, FL

As you already have an attorney, you need to be discussing this matter with your attorney.

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