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Question about extra fees charged from a hotel

Cooperstown, NY |
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My adult son (age 22) rented two hotel rooms in Cooperstown, NY for one night to see a concert. During the night, someone tried to assault my adult daughter (age 20). That person and my son got into a fight in the parking lot. police were called. no charges were filed. The hotel charged me (as I let him use my credit card) the cost of someone else s room who complained.about the noise-$201. They also said a TV was broken. they charged me an additional $400. My son states that the tV was not broken. I asked them to email me a picture. No one told me or my son of these extra charges, they just appeared on the bill. Is this legal, or is there something, I could do about it? Thank you.

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    You should call your credit card company to dispute the charges. While most hotel reservation agreements provide that the guest is responsible for any damage to the room, I have never seen an agreement that provides for a guest to pay for another's room charge under any circumstances.

    The above constitutes general information only and should not be considered legal advice.

  2. Definitely call your credit card company to dispute the charges.
    I have never seen a hotel charging someone's room rate on to another guest's credit card!
    If there was something broken inside of your son's hotel room, the hotel should have pointed this out immediately.
    I think that here the hotel took advantage of the fact that your children are young adults using their father's credit card and are traveling by themselves.

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