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Ok i'll try to make this as brief as I can. I am going through Support court,in upstate NY.I went in September, my payment are $300 a month, and also,for a amount me and my lawyer are disputing. They set a undertaking for the arrerage for $1500, which was more than i owed for non payment (i had missed 4 payments) I didnt have the money at the time, so I was jailed, then a week later, was released after posting this now in November, we had a court date for the violation of non-payment, of which Support and the Court asked me if i wanted to put the $1500 towards Support, to which i replied"yes".

Union, NJ -

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Kenneth A White

Kenneth A White

Family Law Attorney - Edison, NJ

It appears you are seeking advice regarding a matter before the courts of New York. If yes, you should be posting your inquiry in a Forum in New York not here (New Jersey).

Kenneth A. White, Esq.

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