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I had a hardship lic because i got a dui ...I got stopped on my way to home and arrested for driving on a suspended lic because my hardship lic expired I just completly this really driving while suspended or driving while expired???

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Douglas Warren McDonald Jr.

Douglas Warren McDonald Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Cornelia, GA

it would not be unreasonable to convince the prosecutor that you were driving without a license as opposed to driving on a suspended license if, you can get your full privileges reinstated asap.

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Jason Y. Chan

Jason Y. Chan

Criminal Defense Attorney - Boston, MA

It is driving with a suspended license. When you have a hardship license essentially it gives you a right to drive under certain circumstances. When your hardship license expired you no longer have the right to operate. The only license that you had was your real license and that one is suspended. So it is the right charge. I know it is confusing because you had two licenses.

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