Putting together photographic evidence for marriage based green card application/interview.

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When putting together photographic evidence of mine and my spouse's bonafide relationship, are certain photos more significant than others? I have photos of my spouse attending my mother's funeral 18 months prior to our getting married. Should I feature that as one of the first set of photos the immigration officer sees? I figured every couple can come up with photos of themselves together but these photos, I believe, serve as undeniable evidence of a bonafide relationship.

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    Answered . Photos are very easy to fake. The two of you could have just had a weekend party and changed clothes and taken a bunch of photos. They don't put much stock in them, though they still like to see some. The helpful photos are ones with family members in them, and/or in front of monuments or signs to show the location of various trips together. If this were an "arrangement" for immigration purposes, people often don't tell their family, so they like to see the families know about it. They prefer joint financial evidence.

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    Answered . Here's the 'trick'. The person looking at the photo must what/where/when without you explaining anything.

    Thus, a photo of your spouse in formal clothing probably won't automatically tell the officer that it was taken at a funeral.

    I never use photos of the couple sitting at a restaurant with dirty dishes, wine glasses and/or beer bottles.

    I love photos of the couple standing in front of the Eiffel tower, Seattle Space Needle, etc.

    I usually print them 4 to a page ... in color.

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    Answered . I agree with the above. However, if his or her name was listed in the obituary or prayer card you should definitely include that.

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    Answered . It is a matter of common sense. You must demonstrate your courtship and shared experiences. Any photos that relate to that help, any others do not help. Multiple photos of the same thing do not help.

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