Purposed decree of divorce forms?

I filed my " Joint petition for summary of decree of divorce " under the impression that this is how to start a divorce but it was returned the judge is asking for a PURPOSED decree ? I went to the courts self help site and found a final decree of divorce but no purposed decree , can i just label the FINAL decree document as a PURPOSED decree and use that ? I am filing a joint petition with children , I have the summary for decree of divorce , Affidavit of residency , and child custody , support , and visitation forms is this " proposed decree " all i need now ?

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John M Eccles

John M Eccles

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

So the proposed Decree of Divorce in Joint Petition cases usually just alludes to the terms in the Joint Petition, and confirms the terms contained in the Joint Petition as Orders of the Court. You normally want to attach a copy of the file-stamped Joint Petition as "EXHIBIT 1" to the Proposed Decree of Divorce. The link below should take you to a form for the Proposed Decree of Divorce... the Decree of Divorce is actually about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through the packet. Good luck!

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