Public / Private competition in Va?

Is there a law in Virginia similar to the Umstead act in North Carolina that would say the Commonwealth can not open up a veterinary hospital down the street from a private practice and provide services below their cost causing the privately owned practice to become unprofitable and go out of business.

Hampton, VA -

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Thomas M Dunlap

Thomas M Dunlap

Aviation Lawyer - Washington, DC

The Umstead Act you refer to is a prohibition on public competition with private industry with a huge number of exceptions (for example all county and municipalities are exempted from the act!) There are a number of Code sections that prohibit the commonwealth of Virginia from displacing private waste companies (see Section 15-930 and 15-5121 for example), but nothing in the Code the places a blanket prohibition on such competition across all industries.

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Brian S Wayson

Brian S Wayson

Social Security Lawyers - Portland, OR

My esteemed colleague, Attorney Dunlap, has provided you with a sound analysis of your post. I trust you will heed his wise words.

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