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Prvt Parties Slander-Defame: HR rep. leak/conveyed confidntl info regarding my debt to former employer. MD still Slander Per Se?

Knowledge of this debt then spread amongst former co-workers as "why does he owe $3.7k (felony theft) did he steal equipment before he left?" The slander has been repeated 3x's that I know of. I am a professional engineer so this has damaged at least 1 relationship in my community, and I probably will not be able to be re-employed by former employer though left in good standing. Employer probably has immunity - however could I file a personal action against HR rep and her own personal liability? Know I can prove express malice, maybe even actual malice. Know I can show wanton disregard and prior knowledge info was false (no theft). Think I can demonstrate minor monetary damage (incidentals) & know I can show damage to reputation. MD still Per Se under Piskor v GMC & Sindor v Jacron?

Owings Mills, MD -

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Suggest you take McCall's advice.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

Suggest you stop with the self-help. Seems like a serious case with a lot at stake. No skilled attorney will want to step in AFTER you have put everything in concrete. Stop now before you wholly limit your options, and get a competent attorney to take over.

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