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Proving Reverse Discrimination in City Job ?

Kent, WA |

I was hired as a janitor in a city job in Bellevue Washington. When I was hired I was not given a back ground check and the hiring manager said " dont worrry about the background check " ! - which I thought was odd. I was replacing a person that was leaving on a pregnancy leave of absence. They told me after 3 months I would be given a raise and because I was doing such a great job I would be made a supervisor. I did an amazing amount of work and worked a ton of hours for a couple weeks - I lost literally 30 lbs because the work was so demanding. I was just called in the office and fired for no apparent reason. When asked for what cause I was fired - the manager said he was not at liberty to discuss it The manager is african american & I was replaced by another african american applicant.

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Is there something in your background that would cause you to fail the usual background check? That is, do you have a criminal history, a history of violence, or something else that most employers want to avoid in their employees?

There is no "Reverse Discrimination". You are either discriminated against because of a prohibited basis or you were not discriminated.

By "reverse" you likely want to say that you are Caucasian (because you mention the ethnicity of the other persons). Discriminating against a person because the person is Caucasian is unlawful. Has anyone said or do anything to you to imply that your ethnicity is a reason for that person's action? Just because the others is different from you does not necessarily mean that the difference is the cause of their actions.

You can review the information provided by the WA Human Rights Commission to learn more about unlawful discrimination: .

If I were an employer, I would be concerned with an employee that "worked a ton of hours for a couple weeks". I am likely paying quite a bit of overtime pay. Moreover, the employee may be so tired that the employee would expose me to all sorts of legal problems.

In WA, most employment is at will. Meaning that either the employer or the employee may end the employment relationship at any time for any reason with or without notice. The employer is prohibited from unlawful discrimination based on the employee's characteristics or protected activities (such as union, serving on jury, filing worker's comp).

Government employees usually have additional protections. There usually is a way for government employees to have employment actions against them reviewed.

Often, unlawful employment practices are not obvious (because most employers do not openly say they are doing something against the law).

You can review your specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options. You have a very short time (a few months) to start the legal process.

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