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My dad died two years ago at the age of 85. He never had a senior tax exemption on his property taxes. I called my congressman to find out if the extra taxes my dad paid to New York City could be collected by his heirs. He said no. Is that true?

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Robert Jan Suhajda

Robert Jan Suhajda

Tax Lawyer - Cerritos, CA

Q. Does the assessor automatically give the exemption when a taxpayer reaches 65 years of age?
A. No; this is not an automatic exemption. Certain qualifications must be met. You must timely file an initial application and annual renewal applications with the office of the assessor by "taxable status date". In most towns, this date is March 1, but check the deadline with your assessor to be sure. New York City has a filing deadline of March 15.. Some municipalities permit late filing in certain hardship situations or for exemption renewals, and/or the filing of affidavits in lieu of renewal applications after the exemption has been granted on five consecutive assessment rolls.

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Henry Daniel Lively

Henry Daniel Lively

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Unfortunately, he is correct. You must apply for the exemption and since he did not he would would not be entitled to it at a later date.

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