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Proof that my lawyer was trying to fraud me out of my own settlement...........what do i do? [Personal Injury case]

Boynton Beach, FL |

Please read this post i put on here for more details and how i suspected something fishy going on:

Hey guys.......turned out this guy may have truly been trying to con me. Not kidding, today we went to one of the places that he had said i owed almost $5k and they said i only owed $500 and that he never even asks them for an invoice on what was owed. So apparently he just made those numbers up. When i showed them the closing statement for proof they were in awe and shock.

Litterally the whole office told me to report him to the State Bar. They were all shocked that a lawyer would do such a thing, and said that can easily get his license revoked.
After that i went to the lawyer that refereed me to him and showed him the closing stateme

Please disregard this post and go here instead..................this one came out weird.!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you aren't in agreement with the Closing Statement, first don't sign it. Second, if you haven't sat down and and talked to him as previously suggested and confront him regarding the same, do it. What did the referring attorney tell you? You can always file a complaint against him with the Florida Bar as a last alternative.

  2. You may have no choice.

  3. Go for it

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