Process server has been attempting to serve papers for the last 2 weeks...

Asked over 1 year ago - Pompano Beach, FL

I spoke to my daughter and apparently she is being sued in Broward County Civil Court. The reason we know this is that there was mail for her left here recently although she does not live at our house for over a year. She actually lives several counties to the North. Her drivers license reflects this and she receives all of her mail at her current address except for this (1) collector. My question is should I open the door and tell the process server she no longer lives here?

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I am very concerned with a "gutter" service. It happened to me last year. If the server drops the complaint paperwork on the porch.Then lies about her being here hiding without doing any of the due diligence in determining my daughters actual address.

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  1. Eugene P. Castagliuolo

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    Answered . You don't have to tell the process server anything. The process server has to serve your daughter personally. While there is such a thing as constructive service, that is achieved by serving someone 18 years old or older who resides in the same house as your daughter. Your daughter doesn't reside with you? Too bad so sad. Let the process server find her without your help. Good luck!

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  2. James Adrian Cueva


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    Answered . Yes you should tell the process server your daughter no longer resides at your address, especially if you don't want process servers showing up at your house at all hours trying to serve your daughter.

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  3. Will Murphy

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    Answered . I would tell them. You are not obligated to tell them where she is (unless subpoenaed). I would look online for info on the case. Sometimes it pays to be proactive.

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