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Procedure for filing a subpoena to get company's records regarding civil action filed in WA state, civil procedure rules

Spokane, WA |

I am attempting to subpeona a website host compnay for records relevant to my civil lawsuit. Does anyone know how to go about this. The case is in Washington State if that is any help

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Have you already filed suit? This is a relatively easy process, once you have filed a complaint. Your lawyer should simply be able to issue a subpoena to the hosting company. Absent a valid objection, (in the form of a motion to quash) they should comply.

  2. I am assuming that you don't have a lawyer. In this case if I were you, I would hire a lawyer to handle this issue. It's not easy to explain. If you must figure this out yourself, I would start with the Washington Civil Rules. There is a copy online, and if I recall correctly, there may be a form attached to the newly revised rule. Try for starters. I would still hire a lawyer if I were you, as there are also procedural rules to follow in addition to the basic rule.