Problem with ebay/paypal, got 200$ stolen, need help.

Hello, I sold a Amazon giftcard with value of 200$ on ebay, and the buyer payed me over paypal, after i send him his giftcard code over email and he redeemed it, he reported me to paypal for an unauthorized transaction, but i checked the giftcard, it was already redeemed, also contacted paypal with proof of order several times who then say that they cant do anything about it at the moment, so i wanted to ask you if it is possible to get my 200$ back that were taken off from my paypal after the dispute, and also what can i write paypal about this problem? are there maybe any laws or so that i can send to paypal to get all my money back? What would you say? Thanks.

New York, NY -

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Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

PayPal has its own dispute resolution procedure, which you should use to address this.

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