Problem Neighbor and the contractors.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Jacksonville, FL

Two guys walked out from neighbor yard with big shovel carried on their back and they walked to their black truck. They ignored me after I identified I am the owner, and "You are in my yard". They drove away but they drove back and they blocked the driveway to look at our house, then they drove away. Did research of the company because there was no name, what they do if they are contractors for the neighbor. Asked neighbor to confirm and she said yes, they are the contractors who works for XYZ company. Called the firm people, someone stated he own and manage the firm. Let him know the above but he stated he does not know anyone who own the black pick up truck or two tall guys with shovels. He made it sound like I was making story up and he would not apologize.

Additional information

I received the voice mail from the person who stated he owns the company, but it was not clear of what he said. I called him, and he stated one of the guy is a contractor, and the other guy works for him. They admitted that they walked in the yard. He stated it should not happen after the homeowner identified this is their property but it happened. He did not offer any remedy.

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  1. Marshall C Deason Jr.


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    Answered . If the people did not damage your property, it is unlikely that you would be able to recover any money for their trespass. If the trespass onto your property occurs again, you may want to consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area about the remedies that are available to you.

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  2. William H. Kassebaum

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    Answered . If it keeps occurring you could possibly file in county court a claim for breach of your "quiet enjoyment" of your home based on the neighbors GC continuing to disturb your residency by trespassing. If it were me I would draft a letter to them to provide proper notice and if they fail to change the conduct the court could step in. Note: if your in good relations with your neighbor talk to them again and see if they can rectify. I believe in alternative dispute resolutions on situations like this unless the trespassing party ( GC) and homeowner refuse to stop the conduct then you should file quiet enjoyment claim. Hope this helps- Bill

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  3. Sean Michael Murrell

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    Answered . What damage are they causing when they walk through your yard? Sure, looking at it very technically, you do have a right to prevent someone from coming on your property (including your yard); but from a realistic perspective, what harm are they causing by walking across your yard? If your property isn't being damaged, then it's highly unlikely that you have any civil claim that would be worth the time and money to pursue.

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