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Probation was revoked and warrant re issued for a DWI because I didn't pay court fees. Should I turn myself in?

Houston, TX |

I received a DWI in 2010 and received probation.. which I served but didn't pay my court fees.. so warrant got re issued for the same DWI.. if I turn my self in how much jail time would I receive in Harrris county?

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  1. Yes, talk to bail bond company so that bond can be posted promptly-if there is any hope for you to work out a successful payment plan. Otherwise, you will need to serve at least enough time to work off the unpaid costs, but it could be as much as the original order for jail time. That will depend on decisions by attorneys and/or judge. No one will know the answer to your question now.

  2. Up to the amount of time from the original sentence. Can you pay the fees now? It might save you some time or even getting revoked. Talk to a Houston attorney to see what arrangements can be made.

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  3. Contact a criminal defense attorney to locate the warrant and redocket the case, appear in open court with counsel and prove you've paid it or have the funds to pay it that day. You need counsel to assist you ASAP.

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  4. I agree that money often talks in these situations. If your only probation violation was failing to pay court fees, then by all means get the money (in full) to the probation department! It can only help your situation. Also, you financial inability to pay you financial obligations may be a defense to revocation. However, only a qualified criminal lawyer can tell you for sure.

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