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Probation violation sentencing

California City, CA |

If I'm on formal probation for carying a loaded fire much time will I get for pc29800 probation matter only I know what will happen in trial how much time would I do for violating

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  1. The court could impose any sentence which was pronounced when you were sentenced on the carrying charge but which was suspended (hung over your head) in return for a grant of probation. If the court did not pronounce a sentence the court will conduct a sentencing hearing. The court could also reinstate probation but modify it to give you custody time or add some conditions to your present probation. Before you are sentenced on a probation violation you are entitled to have a court hearing to determine whether there was a violation in the first place, and if so, what the penalty should be. So you will have some interaction with this process.

  2. Your original sentence could be imposed, your probation could be revoked, or your probation could be revoked and re-instated with new terms.

  3. Ms Gutekunst and Mr. Shafer have given you good advice on what might happen. A big determinant might be the cause of the violation. PC 29800 can be for firearms or drugs and ( especially given the nature of your original case) you'd be better off if the violation was drug related.

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