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Probation Violation on 3rd DUI Conviction, what happens now?

Wichita, KS |

I violated probation for a failed UA. I was smoking weed nothing like crack or meth. It was my first violation and I was just about complete with probation. I have done everything they required me to do and had no minor issues prior to this violation. So my question is, what will most likely happen to me? I have one of the best DUI lawyers in town representing on my violation. Will my probation be reinstated on new terms or will I have to serve the one year in jail that Kansas requires for 3 DUIs. I plan to get into a intensive rehab program before I see the judge and do anything else to help my case.

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Unfortunately the differences between various prosecutors and judges make it difficult to give you a good answer. Some would allow a minor violation like this to slide, others would want you to do a weekend or two in jail as punishment, others would want you to do the year. The rehabilitation program is an excellent idea, and most judges look upon actions like this very favorably.

I agree that you are doing the right thing about have a lawyer help you with this situation. Following that lawyer's instructions is excellent advice. Good luck.


It's good that you have an attorney working for you on the case. It is possible that they revoke your probation and make you serve the terms of your underlying sentence. I would recommend doing any and everything your attorney tells you. And don't do anything else to violate the terms of your probation.

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