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Probation transfer?

Tampa, FL |

i am in the process of a DUI trial in florida, if i get probation and community service will i be able to move to pennsylvania and carry out my obligations there?

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Possibly, and you should direct your question to your attorney who will be able to more specifically answer your question as it relates to your particular situation.

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If you are in the middle of trial, you should probably address this question to your local attorney.

Both Florida and Pennsylvania belong to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision. This allows for the transfer of probation across state lines.

If you don't have local counsel, I can't encourage you strongly enough to speak with an attorney in your jurisdiction.

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It is most likely you are talking about a misdemeanor, not a felony. Probation for misdemeanors in Florida are handled by the counties and not the state. They do not fall under the interstate compact. Your judge will have to allow you to do what you ask. It is hardly ever a problem. Probation is generally supervised by mail and, so long as you stay out of trouble and complete your probation tasks, you should not have to come back to Florida. You will probably have to reinstate your license in Florida (yes, you have one now) before Pennsylvania will reinstate your privileges. Good luck.

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you will very likely be able to transfer your probation to PA or at least complete your conditions there and report to probation here by mail. if you are convicted, make sure you ask the judge to allow you to move and report to probation by mail.

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