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Probation in 2 Different Counties

Jacksonville, FL |

I was put on mail-in probation in Broward County for a year and ordered to do 6 months of domestic violence classes...I live in Duval County Jacksonville, FL but they already know that. I have been 3 months in doing pretty well and had an altercation with my sister and she has pressed charges against me...and I had been arrested in Duval County with the same charge of misdemeanor domestic battery...and they had placed me on probation...same terms as my current probation...without the mail-in...I am trying to get a hold of my probation specialist in Broward County...but she hasn't answered to any of my calls and I have left numerous messages explaining the situation. I still have yet to meet with Duval County Probation and see what they say about it...but I would like to know what are the possible outcomes...Thank you...

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  1. If you pled to a new criminal offense while you were on probation, your probation officer may decide to file a violation of probation affidavit in Broward. Also, because it sounds like you've already admitted the new offense, you won't have a defense to the violation of probation. Therefore, you could be sentenced to jail up to the maximum for the offense. I'm going to assume that you were on probation for battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to one year in county jail. This means you could go to jail for up to one year for violating the probation, minus any credit for time already served. Your Duval County probation should be safe as long as you haven't done anything to violate the terms of that probation. But, if it starts to look like you're going to go to jail on a Broward violation, you might want to try to modify the Duval probation to administrative probation with the only condition that you serve time in jail concurrent to whatever you are sentenced to in Broward. By this you would avoid being on probation at after serving any sentence.

  2. Since you were on probation for the Broward charge and picked up a new arrest while on probation, this is considered a substantive violation of probation. As soon as Broward learns of this new charge, a warrant for your arrest could be issued. It would have been better if you would have not plead to the new Duval charge so quickly, especially while on probation. You can always seek to vacate that conviction if you wish.

  3. Should be able to get this done. It will be after your upcoming violation in Broward though. Assuming you don't get any jail time, the logistics of being monitored and reporting in one county are doable. Probation for misdemeanor offenders is a money maker for certain agencies but you should only have to pay one agency. Biggest problem is the VOP. good luck

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