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Probate lawyer had me pay $5,000 tax bill on house that was sold at foreclosure auction just two weeks later.

Sacramento, CA |

The $5,000 could have brought mortgage up to date.

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First of all, there are not enough facts for a full answer. On the face of it, I would question the advice, but again there are not enough facts. If you feel that something was done wrong, or wonder if the advice was solid, just like a doctors diagnosis, have a second local probate attorney give you their opinion. A little money spend on a second opinion is well worth the piece of mind.

Just because it was foreclosed, does not mean paying the IRS was a bad decision, they are generally good at getting their money one way or another.

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Was the tax a Federal estate tax? Or was it a property tax bill? If it was the former, you didn't have a choice. If it was the latter then you wasted your money and should complain to the lawyer.



Unfortunately it was for property tax... then I found out it was friends of his that bought our house at auction.

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