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Probate - Reimbursement for Cost in Final Petition

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When an executor requests reimbursement of administration cost in the Final Petition, does evidence of payment such as invoices, canceled checks, receipts need to be included as exhibits? What happens if no document is available, i.e. executor charged for storage of decedent's items?

Thank you.

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  1. You are missing some facts in your question to allow me to give you a full answer. If the executor stored the items in their home then they cannot charge the estate for that. However, if the decedents personal property was stored in rented storage or a safe deposit box in the name of the estate then the expense is payable by the estate. It is always a good idea to have receipts for any expense of the estate. Bank statements and statements for investment accounts must be produced. If you cannot prove the expense, the executor may not be reimbursed by the order of the court from the estate. For a compete answer, consult with a probate attorney and bring all receipts and records plus the will to the meeting.

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  2. If there are no receipts the court will typically not approve the expenses. They must be real costs that were paid and supported by invoices and canceled checks.

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