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Privacy violation of personal information posted on the internet

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When I do an online search of my name, personal information such as age and address appears from a link to a site called Advanced Background Checks. When I inquired with the site as to how to remove the information, they said I will need to fill out a form, mail it in and wait for 7 business days for the information to be removed. Well, seven business days is too long for me to wait. I am applying for jobs and I do not wish to have my age broadcast on the internet. I asked if there is anything they could do to remove it immediately and they refused. I explained that I had not authorized for them to broadcast this information. They said the information is public so they are not doing anything wrong. This does not seem right to me. Again, my problem is that they will not cooperate with me to remove it immediately. Could you please advise? Thank you.

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    There is very little success with these types of suits. One problem you have is that the information about you on this site is all public record information, such as name, age, address and even telephone number. There is no legal expectation of privacy in this information. Therefore, a lawsuit for i.e., Invasion of Privacy etc. will not be successful. The site is under no legal obligation to remove it either. They offer these forms as a way to appease people, but were you to sue them for not following through, I'm not sure you'd be successful. You can get a lawyer to send them a legal letter, but most will tell you the futility--it's like trying to unspread butter. There are many many sites like this, and and simple internet searches will reveal this info.

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  2. I agree. The information is public record. Employes can't discriminate based on age...

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  3. Your name, age, address, telephone number, and other things are generally considered public information. The website might be willing to remove the information from their site, but it is undoubtedly on some other website. Since it is public information, even if they agree to take it off their site, you will probably not prevail in any lawsuit against them if they don't.

  4. I agree with the answers put forth by my colleagues. I would add that the answer would be different if the information about you on the internet was beyond just your "business card information" (i.e. name, address, telephone number). For example, if the information about you was personal health information (defined in HIPAA), then the answer may change.