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President pardon

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Can a president pardon restore my civil right include firearm permission?

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  1. Yes, in theory. But your chances of getting a Presidential pardon - and I say this knowing nothing about your situation than what you've written here - are substantially less than your chances of being struck by lightning.

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  2. Yes.

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  3. Mr. Spicoli, why do you shamelessly waste my time?

  4. The President cannot pardon a state criminal crime, only a federal or military crime.

  5. If you want your civil rights restored including the right to posessess and own a firearm, you will have to Petition the Clemency Board in Tallahassee. You should retain an attorney locally if you want it to go smoothly. Good Luck.

    B. Elaine Jones, Esq.

  6. There is a petition process administered by the ATF (Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms) (a federal agency) that can restore your firearms rights under federal law-- no state agency or action can restore your federal rights. While getting ATF to grant your petition is very difficult--- and I can't emphasize that enough--- its considerably more likely than getting a Presidential Pardon. You would need an experienced federal criminal attorney to assist you with your ATF application.

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