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Prepaid card for online purchases. Legality?

Laguna Beach, CA |

I have purchased a prepaid visa/debit card for the purpose of purchasing goods and services online and wish to remain anonymous (card isn't registered to any specific party eg. anonymous), as well that I can empty the card in the event that the vendor attempts to continue billing despite my cancellation of service. Most vendors require an actual first and surname, as well a valid physical address. I have the address of bank who issued the card. Is it legal to use that address and a nom de plume? I do not wish to commit fraud, however I should like to preserve my identity from theft or abuse. Thanks

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It is legal to use that address, but the vender may refuse to honor your card if the service address and the card address do not match. The answer is if you are not trying to gain an advantage using false information, no DA will call it fraud. The seller does not have to accept your card.

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