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Prenup in Texas, My fiancée bought a house before we got together

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My fiancée bought a house before we got together now we are planning to get married and I will help him to pay the house in case of divorce I will entitled to get my money back I am totally agree but I do not know if TX is expensive to do a prenup because we spoke to an attorney today and said price was 3500-5000 it is way too much we are trying to just add house in the prenup. Or can we draft the document and bring it to an attorney and make modification if necessary?
Please advice we can not afford 3500-5000

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In Texas, in order for a pre-nup to be valid both of you MUST have an attorney representing you. Otherwise, it's is a waste of your energy. You are in Houston so look around for an attorney. If you don't have a $1,500 -$3,000 for an attorney, then what are you worrying about? Then apparently, you don't have a separate property estate worth even needing a pre-nup. From my experience many people don't even understand what a pre-nup agreement means. Perhaps the two of you need to meet with one attorney and discuss this matter for one one, that should cost you under $300. If you can't afford $300, then you don't need a pre-nup. Happy marriage!



No offense if you are going to tell me something that I am aware of thanks for your unhelpful comment. and I never said that I can not afford 300. maybe you are trying to be sarcastic but if you can not help please do not post stupid comments.



and please Let other real attorneys to answer my question and do not waste my time

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein


Sorry if I offended you - I did not mean to do so.


You should not attempt to prepare your own Prenuptial Agreement because there are many issues that need to be addressed now. An experienced attorney can help you prevent mistakes that could be critical at the time of the divorce. You should not only deal with the house issue but the issues relating to community property and sepàrate property issues relating to earned income, retirement income, life insurance issues, and homestead and elective share rights.

This information in my answer is not intended to be legal advice because I do not know the particulars of your case.


A pre-marital agreement is a great investment and not worth trying to do it yourself.
It could save your time and money in the future plus give you great peace of mind.

The answer given does not imply that an attorney-client relationship has been established and your best course of action is to have legal representation in this matter.

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