Pregnant 16 yr old, living outside the home and liability for damages caused by minor

My husband wants a divorce because he fears legal responsibility for any damages my daughter may cause. She is presently pregnant and in teen housing through San Mateo county (for pregnant teens) He threw her out of the house for an incident where she verbally threatened him in the height of an argument. She has no record through the courts. She has never done bodily harm, has put 2 holes in a door here. I feel he's exaggerating his fear. How can I legally protect our assets if in case my daughter does cause damage/liability?

East Palo Alto, CA -

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David Alexander Yomtov

David Alexander Yomtov

Family Law Attorney - San Jose, CA

Both you and your husband are legally responsible for your daughter's actions until she either turns 18 or is emancipated by the court. Kicking her out of the house doesn't help, it hurts, because she is more likely to get into trouble out of the house and who will pay for it? You and your husband will.

Getting a divorce doesn't help either, because you would still each be liable for any harm that she causes to third parties.

Have you tried family counseling. I highly recommend it.

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Erin Patricia Farley

Erin Patricia Farley

Family Law Attorney - Petaluma, CA

If you think your husband is exaggerating his fear, he probably is. You say that your daughter has no record, has never hurt anyone, and she is pregnant. Are you sure throwing her out is what you want?

Jeffrey B. Peltz

Jeffrey B. Peltz

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY

I note that you said the daughter is your daughter. If he is not the father and hasn't adopted her he may not be responsible for her actions. To find out the answer to this consutl with local attorney experienced in this area of law.

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